There are different types of light. Would you like to know the different types of light? They are transparent, translvcent, opapue, reflection, absorption. A transparent is a material that you can see thourgh because it lets all light thourgh. Translvcent is a materail that makes things look blurry because it only lets some light thourgh. Opapue is a material that you can not see thourgh beacuse it lets no light thourgh. Reflection is when light rays bounce off a material. Absorption is when light rays do not bounce off a material.Those are the different types of light. 

Now I am about to tell you about two different types of lences. First it is concave. That is a lence that caves in. Now canvex is a  lens that bends outwards. Those are the different types of lences.

That is what we learned in science class this week.

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